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The Peacock set from Lalique

Lalique has enriched its jewellery pieces with an additional collection based on a bewitching animal: the peacock. This range allows you to wear a whole set or wear the pieces separately, in small notes. These magnificent accessories will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe and complement any style.

The Peacock, a masterful animal

The peacock is an animal symbolising immortality, wealth, seduction and renewal. In order to sublimate it, Lalique has created a graphic and minimalist representation. The wheel of iridescent feathers is crafted from satin-polished crystal and subtly reflects the light.

Jewellery from the Peacock collection

Whether bracelets, pendants, rings or earrings, the peacock majestically adorns Lalique's creations. The collection is available in two versions. On the one hand, the jewels combine silver and blue and green crystal, and on the other, Lalique mixes 18-carat yellow gold with colourless crystal and white mother-of-pearl. Here are a few jewels from the line:

Molitor invites you to discover Lalique's Paon collection in shop.

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