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Pearl necklaces by Molitor

Molitor offers the very best in jewellery and invites you to discover magnificent pearl necklaces. To create exceptional jewellery, Molitor jewellers carefully select high-quality pearls. In particular, we use South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls and Akoya pearls. Discover the differences between these three varieties.

South Sea pearls

These precious white pearls come from the warm maritime regions of the Indian and Pacific oceans. They are very difficult to cultivate and offer a beautiful range of shades from light green to blue. These pearls can measure up to 20 mm.

Akoya pearls

Akoya pearls come from the cold waters of Japan, the land of the rising sun. This variety is particularly coveted the world over for its breathtaking brilliance and smooth appearance. Generally speaking, the pearl measures no more than 10 mm. In terms of colour, they can be very white, or take on shades of cream, pink or even silver.

Tahitian pearls

These are immediately recognisable by their metallic colour. Tahitian cultured pearls take on a silvery colour, or sometimes an attractive anthracite green hue. They are grown in the warm waters of the lagoons in French Polynesia. This variety can reach a diameter of 18 mm. Their imposing size and mysterious brilliance make them veritable treasures of the sea.

To choose the pearl necklace that's right for you, visit our jeweller's in Luxembourg.

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