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Gemstone calendar

What if we started the year by discovering the precious stones associated with each month? Gemstones often possess virtues and add soul to jewellery. To find a birthstone, all you need to know is the month in which you were born. Contrary to what you might think, these stones have not been chosen at random, but come from the list drawn up by the American Gem Society in 1912. Discover our guide to finding your stone or that of your loved ones.

Birthstones month by month

In January, garnet and tsavorite

January's stones bring strength, joy, passion and peace to those who wear them.

In February, amethyst

With its violet colour and elegance, amethyst brings fulfilment and balance to its wearer. In fact, it encourages determination.

In March, aquamarine

This aquatic blue-green stone symbolises fidelity, gentleness and protection. It is ideal for an engagement ring.

In April, the diamond

Appreciated for its strength and purity, the diamond symbolises strength and perfection. Any time is a good time to give this gem, which will follow you through every stage of your life.

In May, the emerald

The emerald is a birthstone that bestows protection, honesty and benevolence on its lucky owner. It enhances any piece of jewellery with its beautiful green hue!

In June, the pearl

Pearls are elegant, sophisticated and timeless, and are often used as a declaration of love. The virtues of the pearl are relaxation, altruism and wisdom.

In July, the ruby

People with fiery characters will proudly wear the ruby, a stone symbolising passion, happiness, courage and love.

In August, the peridot

Associated with love at first sight, the peridot brings joy, peace and love. A beautiful stone to give to the person you love.

Sapphire in September

With its deep blue colour, the sapphire can be worn by both men and women. It is a symbol of truth and brings strength, loyalty and ambition.

In October, tourmaline

A stone of the heart, tourmaline seduces with its tangy colour. It is synonymous with hope, pleasure and creativity.

November: citrine

Citrine is often worn by people with cheerful personalities. Its golden-brown colour enhances the complexion and brings prosperity, abundance and balance.

December: tanzanite

Extremely prized for its rarity, tanzanite has a hue between blue and violet. It encourages imagination, fulfilment and peace of mind.

Don't hesitate to ask us about choosing the perfect piece of jewellery for yourself or as a gift, depending on the month in which you were born.

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