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Discover citrine with the luminous creations of Isabelle Langlois

There's nothing more beautiful than nature, colours and... Isabelle Langlois's jewellery inspired by these two themes! The jeweller wanted to include citrine at the heart of some of her creations. It's a stone that puts a smile on your face and is ideal for sunny days. Molitor tells you more about this famous stone and reveals two creations available in shop.

A colourful talisman stone

In spring and summer, we all crave colour in our lives. With Isabelle Langlois creations and her colourful stones, we're spoilt for choice! But in this article, we're going to focus on citrine. This semi-precious stone comes in a wide range of colours, from lemon yellow to deep orange. Citrine is the perfect stone to enhance a tanned complexion and add a touch of poetry to your everyday life. It's known to bring joy and optimism by protecting its wearer from their fears. As you can see, wearing citrine jewellery is like wearing a lucky charm.

Two pieces of citrine jewellery that will capture your heart

The Ardèche collection ring

This collection features a multicoloured sunset in the mountains. A soft, warm line, reminiscent of the delicate warmth of the setting sun on our skin. The yellow gold ring is set with four rows of citrines, interspersed with three lines of dazzling diamonds.

The Clip Clap earrings

To accompany the sublime ring, we suggest you discover the earrings in the Clip Clap collection in 750/1000 yellow gold, combining a flat creole in pearl gold, a citrine drop and diamonds.

If you'd like to admire these sun-drenched wonders, we'd be delighted to show them to you at our jewellery store in Luxembourg.

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