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Christofle Infini & Vertigo, the union of two iconic collections

Christofle's Infini and Vertigo lines have been designed for exceptional occasions and gastronomy, combining to create the ideal modern and elegant set for a table of six. Molitor invites you to discover this marriage to make your dinners a success!

Infini cutlery

Christofle takes a fresh look at cutlery and wants you to forget everything you know about it. The creations in the Infini range comprise fifteen pieces, including two serving pieces that offer a unique sensory experience with a surprising design.

The Vertigo range

The Vertigo range was designed in 2002 by Andrée Putman, the famous French interior architect and designer. Vertigo is a collection of pure, aesthetic everyday objects. The blend of the two collections forms a perfect harmony to welcome your guests and ensure they have an excellent time.

Molitor invites you into the heart of its boutique to discover the emblematic collections of the House of Christofle.

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