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An exceptional table for Christmas

Creating a Christmas atmosphere in your own home is an art. The tree, the decorations, the lights - every detail is important. On the big day, you'll be preparing some excellent dishes to please your nearest and dearest, and there's nothing better than a pretty table set with taste! Molitor gives you a few tips for dressing up your table and making it as magical as you want it to be.

Tip No. 1: Keep your decor simple and your pieces strong

A pretty table is a harmonious, uncluttered table. We're often tempted to add more and more, but if you want your table to be pleasant and your guests to feel at ease, it's best to focus on a few beautiful pieces that will create that special Christmas atmosphere.

Tip 2: Play with light

Light adds charm to any festive table. That's why we strongly recommend the use of pretty candles, candle-holders and candle-holders. This will add a lot of warmth and a festive atmosphere.

Tip 3: Choose a beautiful tablecloth

From plain tablecloths to traditional patterns, the choice of this decorative element is very important.

Tip 4: Use your best crockery

And because your best recipes deserve the most beautiful plates and cutlery, don't hesitate to choose quality crockery.

Visit your Molitor boutique to create your own table and an atmosphere your guests will never forget.

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