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Oenology at Molitor

Wine tasting is an incredible experience. All the senses are involved, including sight and smell, as well as taste and notes. To make wine tasting the perfect aexperience for wine lovers, certain accessories are essential. These include decanters, corkscrews and glasses. Molitor offers you a selection of accessories for a perfect moment.

The Graphik corkscrew by Christofle

The corkscrew in Christofle's Graphik collection is made from silver cast iron and boasts a contemporary, sophisticated design in the image of the crystal cut by master glassmakers. With this accessory, start your wine tasting in style.

Château de Baccarat tasting glasses

The crystal glasses in the Château Baccarat line are perfect for revealing the delicacy and beauty of wines. Thanks to this collection, the richness of wines is highlighted and your tasting experience is enhanced. These objects are both technical and aesthetic for an unforgettable moment of pleasure.

Merlot decanter by Lalique

The decanter is designed for the most demanding wine lovers. It is breathtakingly beautiful and extremely functional. Celebrating the art of living and entertaining, the decanter is adorned with a stopper featuring a vine motif. The decanter appears to be suspended in mid-air for a dazzling visual spectacle.

Find all the accessories you need for wine tasting in our Molitor Art de la Table shop.

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