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Choose the engagement ring of your dreams

Love… That inexplicable feeling that can’t always be expressed in words. An engagement ring allows you to declare your love to your dearly beloved. To help you take the plunge, we suggest taking some steps to ensure that she will never forget the time when you asked her for her hand. Here are our tips.

Figure out what she likes

To determine your future bride’s tastes, you will need to think about what colours she likes to wear. You should also think about whether she likes understated or bold jewellery. Would she prefer a timeless ring or something trendier ? Does she like colours ? Make a list of all the details that are sure to make her happy.

Choose the colour of the ring

White gold is usually the most widely chosen metal. However, it is important to check which metal is the most prevalent in her jewellery box.Is it yellow gold, rose gold or white gold? It is then advisable to choose the colour of the ring according to her skin tone. Silver is a very pretty and more affordable material, but mind you that it is less resistant over time.

Select the perfect stone

The choice of stone is as important as the choice of metal. The favoured stone is the diamond. However, if you would rather go with something different, there are many options available. Indeed, the sapphire symbolises purity, the ruby, passion, and the emerald, true love. The decision is up to you!

Know her ring size

It would be a shame to give her a ring that she can’t wear immediately. To avoid this disappointment, we recommend that you discreetly take one of her rings without her knowing. This will help the jeweller determine the size using a ring sizer. If your loved one does not wear jewellery, you will have to get creative. Give as much detail as possible to the jeweller, such as the length and width of her fingers (slim or thick) and the size of her wrist. These clues will make it possible to determine the ring size as closely as possible.

Our selection of engagement rings

Here is a selection of models that we hope will fill your future wife with joy. Come in our shop to discover our collection.

  1. Ring Capucine medium model - Dinh Van

  2. Ring Lapis Princess Flower - Roberto Coin

  3. Ring Love - Ole Lyngaard

Now all you have to do is put the ringer on her finger !

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