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Watchmaking by Hermès

Hermès and watchmaking have a long history. In the beginning, the equestrian brand made women's watches and travel clocks. Nevertheless, Hermès has evolved a lot in terms of watchmaking, especially in the choice of its partners, such as Jaeger-Lecoultre or Georges Lenfant, which gave an incredible result between watchmaking and jewellery. But for some years now, the House has been able to transform itself again. Let's learn more about what makes the brand so successful in the watchmaking world.

Models that have become iconic

At the end of the 1970s, Hermès created the workshops of La Montre Hermès SA in Bienne. In this workshop, the brand designs watches with the help of exceptional partners. For the case, Hermès worked for a long time with the Joseph Erard company in Le Noirmont. For the dial, the company worked with Natéber in La Chaux-de-Fonds. These collaborations enabled Hermès to create the iconic Arceau, Cape Cod, Médor and Heure H watches. These timepieces are now recognisable at a glance and convey the brand's creativity. Joseph Erard and Nétéber then joined Hermès completely, in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Over time, La Montre Hermès has been able to carve out a place for itself on the watchmaking scene by increasingly mastering watchmaking know-how.

The incredible work of La Montre Hermès SA

As you will have understood, at La Montre Hermès SA, the work on the dial and the case is of great importance. Indeed, even if certain models may appear simple at first glance, this is not the case and one quickly realises that the shapes proposed and the creativity that emanates from the watches are incredibly advanced. Hermès first works the raw material to roughen it, then cleans and polishes it to give the watches a beautiful finish and the desired shine. The dials, for their part, are often pieces of metal worked using innovative machines that give them relief and geometric shapes. Some dials are dipped in baths to give them a unique colour. The process is meticulous, because a few seconds more and the result will not be perfect. Hermès also works with mother-of-pearl for its dials, a material that requires great delicacy. In a second site, the craftsmen work on the leather to create the bracelets we know and love. Once this work is done, all the components are assembled in Switzerland, more precisely in Brügg.

Hermès watches are an excellent choice if you appreciate craftsmanship and a strong identity. Visit our boutique in Luxembourg to discover all our models.


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