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Travel to Paris with Lalique

Lalique has been the ultimate symbol of French luxury since 1888. The iconic crystal maker

produces stunning perfume bottles, creates exciting jewellery and pairs up with major names

to give a new look to crystal art classics. Molitor is honoured to work with this outstanding

institution. Wherever you are, take a trip to Paris with Lalique’s Champs-Elysées collection.

A closer look at the bowl in the collection.

The Champs-Elysées bowl

This bowl was created in 1951 by Marc Lalique. It is a reflection of the crystal maker’s

expertise in colourless or lustrous gold crystal. It comes in different sizes. Paris is a city that

everyone dreams about, and it was to this city that the artist sought to pay tribute with this

bowl. The finely engraved crystal leaves recall the spectacular rows of plane trees lining “the

most beautiful avenue of the world”. An invitation to stroll and to wonderment that will bring a

poetic touch to your interior.

Complete your decoration with…

The chandelier

Crystal is a fine material that reflects light naturally and elegantly. Choose the chandelier

from the Champs-Elysées collection to create a very special atmosphere with its falling


The wall sconce

As if by magic, Lalique manages to play with light to enhance the crystal. Different reflections

constantly make each leaf a unique piece.

The vase

Your bouquets of natural flowers will look even prettier in the vase covered in plane tree

leaves. This piece is also available in two sizes.

Molitor invites you to discover all of the crystal pieces by Lalique at our shop!

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