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Summer 2022 jewellery trends - Molitor

Summer is the perfect season to wear all your favourite jewellery. The materials that work best to highlight your luminous, tanned skin are yellow gold and rose gold. Make the most out of summer with our selection of unique pieces.

Our selection of yellow and rose gold jewellery

Roberto Coin’s Love in Verona bracelet

The Love in Verona bracelet is an absolute must-have for this summer. Elegant, feminine and sparkling, it will no doubt enhance your tanned skin. It is set with diamonds and comes in yellow gold as well as in rose gold!

Ole Lynggaard’s Nature ring

Inspired by Charlotte Lynggaard’s walks in the forest, the rings from the Nature collection come in yellow and rose gold. With their satin-brushed surfaces, all the pieces in the collection reflect the texture of delicate twigs and branches.

The pendant from Isabelle Langlois’ Pétales collection

This yellow gold pendant is adorned with turquoise, prasiolite, topaz and diamonds. It will make your entire appearance more stunning and add a touch of colour to your look.

Mix and match jewellery creations

For added trendiness, we suggest you mix and match your jewellery. Choose the piece you want to mix and match among the bracelet, necklace, earrings or rings. Once you’ve made the decision, take care to choose the pieces that will look good with one another. For example, if you’ve chosen yellow gold with patina, avoid combining it with shinier pieces that may hinder the flow.

Need help choosing your summer jewellery? We look forward to serving you at our shop to show you our favourite pieces!

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