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Lalique, 100 years of knowhow and exceptional creations

Lalique is a manufacturer that inspires French-made beauty, expertise and luxury. This year, the company is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Indeed, the first Alsatian oven was lit in 1922 and the lovely pieces began to emerge. René Lalique was mainly inspired by plants, animals and women. Let’s celebrate these 100 years together by taking a look at some legendary pieces.

The Blue Bacchantes Vase

The Bacchantes Vase was created by René Lalique in 1927. This extremely sensual vase represents the young priestesses of Bacchus. These women with their voluptuous curves offer us their beauty. The vase is crafted in satin-finished crystal to evoke the texture of skin. An ode to femininity that will captivate beholders!

The Merles et Raisins Vase

René Lalique created the Merles et Raisins decorative panels to adorn the legendary Orient Express. In 1928, these panels were made in pressed glass on a silver background and placed on Cuban mahogany woodwork. The Merles et Raisins Vase is a contemporary reinterpretation of these panels.

The Cabochon Ring

This minimalist ring with its timeless look has become an iconic Lalique creation. This modern piece of jewellery is available in an array of colours.

The Ginkgo Necklace

Ginkgo Biloba is an ancient tree that symbolises hope, love and longevity. This tree has the unique feature of changing colour with the seasons, becoming bright green in spring before turning a stunning golden yellow from summer to fall. This treasure of nature inspired Maison Lalique to create a necklace adorned with delicate green crystal beads and 18-carat yellow-gold-plated brass leaves.

The 100 Points Universal Glass

The 100 Points collection takes its name from the wine scoring system. The glasses combine utility with a modern design. The collection features glass blown by master glassmakers. These universal glasses allow you to discover the intensity of any type of wine.

The Épines Candle

A red candle in a clear crystal candle holder. This scented candle will take you on a journey with its bewitching fragrance. Once the candle has fully burned, the crystal holder can be used as a vase.

Discover all of these extraordinary pieces at our shop. We look forward to showing them to you.

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