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Five pieces of jewellery to wear this new year

It’s a new year. And a new year brings in resolutions and new adventures. It is also the best time to revamp your look and your everyday jewellery. Here is Molitor's selection of timeless pieces.

Roberto Coin hoops

These 18-carat yellow gold earrings can be worn during the day at work and in the evening when you go out. The Pois Moi collection gives pride of place to an element that has marked fashion: the polka dot. This range reinterprets it on a shiny gold surface to make it more contemporary. A lovely piece that you will never want to take off.

A Molitor ring

The fine jewellery range by Molitor is an exclusive collection that reflects the jeweller’s quest for quality and perfection. We work with highly skilled artisans, goldsmiths and stone setters in an uncompromising pursuit of the best products, diamonds and coloured stones.

An Ole Lynggaard necklace

Charlotte Lynggaard seeks to show everyone the beauty of nature through this range. This wonderful piece embraces the shape of natural elements such as tree leaves. A delicate 18-carat yellow gold chain is accompanied by the brand’s pendants, from the forest leaf to the diamond-set acorn, so that you can change your style as easily as you change your shirt.

An Isabelle Langlois bracelet

This 18-carat rose gold bracelet features a lovely lucky angel and a lustrous cultured pearl. It brings a touch of delicacy and pureness to your wrist.

We warmly invite you to come and discover the jewellery at the Molitor shop. We look forward to showing you the designers we carry and our own jewellery creations.

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