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Everything you need to know about gemstones and their meanings

Love, that indescribable feeling. Extremely difficult to express in words. Sometimes it is easier to say what we mean with a gift. Jewellery is at the top of the list when it comes to gifts that bring joy. Yet not all stones have the same meaning. Here is our advice for choosing the perfect stone for your dearly beloved.

The magic and emotions of stones

Every gemstone is special. They all symbolise something, something that is often unknown. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds are four gemstones that are extremely popular in the world of jewellery. A closer look at these stones.

The diamond, a symbol of purity

The diamond is the most coveted and widely gifted gemstone in the world, particularly for engagements. It symbolises purity, perfection and strength. Do you want to express your virtuousness and your commitment to another person? This stone is undoubtedly the one for you!

The sapphire as a talisman

Blue sapphire is the symbol of immortality, purity and wisdom. Long worn as a talisman, this gemstone was intended to protect those who wore it. It exists in different colours. Indeed, there are also yellow and green sapphires. Like the diamond, the sapphire is also an excellent gemstone for an engagement.

The ruby, the ultimate symbol

The ruby will allow you to express the fiery love burning within you. A symbol of courage, love and passion, it will move the heart of your other half. This stone is one of the rarest and is suitable for strong personalities. It is able to combat depression as well as fatigue.

The emerald, the happiness stone

Previously known as the devil’s stone, the emerald is now a highly regarded gemstone. It comes in different shades of green depending on where it is from. The emerald represents true love, happiness, beauty and eternal youth.

A selection of jewellery

Now that you’ve learnt more about gemstones and their meanings, we invite you to discover our selection of jewellery featuring diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Need advice? We look forward to helping you at our boutique.

  1. OLE LYNGAARD Cranes medium ring in gold, diamonds and rubies

  2. Roberto Coin Love in Verona ring emerald

  3. Dinh Van diamond ring

  4. Roberto Coin bague Love in Verona sapphire ring

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