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Choosing the right watch strap

A watch is more than an accessory; it is an extension of our personality. When choosing a watch, it is also important to go with a strap that is comfortable while at the same time reflects your style ! Here is a closer look at different straps to help you make your choice.

The leather strap, classic and elegant

Leather straps are the most popular on the watch market, because they symbolise elegance. Leather comes in an array of varieties, including cow leather, snakeskin, calfskin and alligator. This material is not only functional, but also attractive, lightweight and comfortable. Yet, you must be careful, because leather has poor resistance to sun and moisture.

The metal bracelet for an assertive look

Metal makes a timepiece look very distinctive. Moreover, a metal bracelet is suitable for athletes on land and at sea. The most widely used metal is stainless steel, which is comfortable and resistant, yet it can be heavy. Some models are made of titanium, an ultra-lightweight and rugged material that can however scratch easily. Gold is also used on occasion to make watch bracelets.

The rubber strap, practical and lightweight

Rubber is very popular with athletes, because it can be used while doing any activity. It is lightweight, comfortable and resistant to water and heat. It also comes in a wide variety of colours.

The textile (NATO) strap for a casual chic look

The textile or NATO strap conveys a sporty, military-like image that has gained ground since the 1960s. Fabric is not only comfortable and resistant, it is also very lightweight. Yet, it is better suited to adventures than to formal events.


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