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Choose your jewellery according to your body type

Your eyes glimmer at the multitude of jewellery out there. Yet as with your clothes, a piece of jewellery that you like does not necessarily make you look better. That is why it is important to choose your jewellery according to our body type. Learn more about it and find the pieces that will make you look your best.

Earrings that suit you

If your face is round or more angular, we recommend that you wear earrings that have a different shape than your face. Indeed, if your face is round, go with graphic shapes. On the other hand, angular faces should opt for rounder earrings to soften the angles. Meanwhile, dangling earrings are a good option for lengthening your neck. However, slender necks should avoid these kinds of earrings and instead choose stud earrings, for example.

Highlight your figure and neck with a necklace

If you are a petite person, you should choose a slender necklace, because a large piece of jewellery will tend to weigh your figure down. Larger people, on the contrary, can afford to choose larger jewellery. Note that long necklaces will lengthen your neck, while chokers will do the opposite.

Your hands, an asset accentuated by rings

You’re in luck if you have long slender fingers, as you can wear just about any type of ring and allow yourself to stack them. Thick fingers should opt for rounded rings to play with light and enhance hands. Slim rings, ovals and elongated stones are best for shorter fingers.

Make your wrist more beautiful using bracelets

Slim, dainty bracelets are best suited to people with small wrists. If that describes you, you can easily stack bangles and bracelets for an on-trend look. Bulky bracelets are best suited to thicker wrists.

If you would like advice choosing your jewellery –for everyday use or a night out–, we will be happy to help.

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