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Baccarat’s Harcourt 1841 collection is celebrating its 180th anniversary

The Harcourt 1841 collection is Baccarat’s oldest collection. It is renowned all over the world for its iconic design. As its name suggests, it was created in 1841 with stemware. To celebrate its 180th anniversary, the Lorraine crystal manufacturer is having a dozen prominent figures revamp their legendary collection. One such figure is the famous musician Yoshiki. A closer look at this rocking announcement!

The Harcourt glass, a timeless model

The Baccarat Harcourt glass was first created during the reign of Louis-Philippe. Since then, it has crossed the ages without missing a beat. With its facetted silhouette down to the hexagonal foot and its bell-like shape, there is always a place for it at the most magnificent meals. It often graces the tables of the Elysée Palace, of European heads of state and of the Vatican.

And this year, this now iconic symbol of French lifestyle is being revamped by 11 prominent figures. To celebrate the 180th anniversary, the artists were tasked with preserving the glass’s heritage while also breathing new life into it.

The Harcourt by Yoshiki

The Japanese musician Yoshiki was among the 11 people involved in the endeavour. This drummer from the heavy metal group X Japan is a celebrity in Japan and in California, but he spends most of his time in France. Through this collaboration, he sought to create an asymmetric glass with a touch of pink. He also added horns to the piece to contrast aggressiveness and delicacy. To create this extraordinary piece, Yoshiki worked with glassmaker Kazuki Takizawa. The multi-facetted glass nearly seems as though it were on fire from the front. And when you go to drink, inside there is a poisonous flower that appears to be blooming.

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