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Accentuate your tan with rose gold

Every season has its metal ! Silver is widely used in winter. Yet, as soon as the sun shines and our skin takes on a tanned hue, we tend to opt for yellow or rose gold. Rose gold is an alloy made up of gold, copper and silver. It is very popular with women, because it conveys an image that is both soft and sensual. Whether you have a light tan or a deep caramel hue, rose gold make you look radiant. There is not just one shade of rose gold; it comes in very soft tones as well as in deeper, more copper coloured hues. Here is a selection at Molitor.

Roberto Coin Pois Moi Bracelet

You will definitely stand out with this 18-carat gold bracelet. Striking and timeless, it will highlight your summer complexion like never before !

dinh van Le Cube earrings

Lines and geometry will never cease to surprise you with dinh van. These earrings from the Le Cube collection are made out of 18-carat rose gold. The pink metal enhances the four sparkling diamonds to make your skin shine.

Menottes dinh van R1 Ring

dinh van loves playing with shapes, showing us once again with the Menottes collection. This elegant 18-carat rose gold ring symbolises union and bonding. It is the perfect accessory for a refined look.

Isabelle Langlois Ange Pendant

A symbol of protection, this pendent from the Ange collection is crafted in rose gold and features Rose de France amethysts, a pink pearl and diamonds. Proof that metals and precious stones are a lovely combination.

Polished rose gold heart necklace

This delicate necklace in 18-carat rose gold, a very popular material for making fine feminine jewellery, contains 16 diamonds in total and will truly put you in the spotlight this summer !

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