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A new way to choose an engagement ring

Jewellery trends evolve over time and engagement rings are no exception. Molitor gives you all the advice you need to find the perfect ring for your future fiancée.

The originality of the ring is becoming increasingly important

Although diamonds and solitaires are still the stars when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, a more daring trend is emerging. Indeed, choosing an engagement ring means choosing a unique ring, far from the traditional codes, and we don't want it to look like any other. For this reason, more and more people want to find an original ring, which stands out from the crowd and fits perfectly with the personality of the loved one. Creating a ring from scratch, in collaboration with your jeweller, and telling a real story has also become more common.

The two-in-one ring

Gone are the simple solitaires, some couples opt for a two-in-one ring, which means that the wedding band fits into the engagement ring or complements it. If you like ultra-harmonious effects, these rings, which were designed to be worn together, will be ideal for you!

Dare to use colour

The desire to add colour to an engagement ring is becoming more and more popular. As a change from the famous diamond, couples are increasingly selecting shades such as green sapphire, paraiba tourmaline or even diamonds with a pink or grey tint, which brings more joy and good humour.

Ethical fashion makes its mark on the engagement ring market

It is a trend that is invading the entire fashion world and particularly the jewellery sector. Today, not only must jewellery be beautiful, but it must also be ethical. The origin of the raw material and the way it is made become real criteria of choice for some and add charm to the ring. Vintage rings are also increasingly in demand, giving a new life to an old object.

If you wish to create an engagement ring or ask us for advice on this subject, we remain at your disposal in our boutique. See you soon!

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