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A crystal-clear ode to summer with Manhattan by Saint Louis

With its shine and sparkle, crystal has throughout history always been the centre of the art of decoration. Indoors or outdoors, it is just as suitable for decorating your home and its furnishings as it is for your garden. Crystal tableware has the unique feature of perfectly blending with its surroundings. Indeed, it reflects light and illuminates homes and gardens with voluptuousness and transparency. Crystal is synonymous with purity, elegantly brightening up your decoration without overloading it with colour. Presentation of “Ode to summer” by Molitor Luxembourg.

The Manhattan collection by Saint Louis

With its French crystal spirit inherited from Versailles and its angular American design, Manhattan by Saint Louis is a collection whose charm stretches across the Atlantic. This undeniably modern French crystal with its voluptuous curves wants to be the master of your decoration.

Manhattan Square Decanter by Saint Louis

Featuring a capacity of 65 cl, the square decanter from the Manhattan collection is perfect for holding your purest spirits. To be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail, the decanter preserves all their intense flavour ! It has an airtight seal and will enhance the colour of your cognac in the sun or in the shade.

Manhattan Shaker by Saint Louis

Because the finest cocktails are those that are perfectly blended, ensure that the flavours are optimised through proper preparation. The absolute transparency of the Manhattan shaker allows for a high level of control, keeping all the freshness thanks to the crystal !

Manhattan Coupe by Saint Louis

In pure crystal, the Manhattan coupe allows you to delicately savour your cocktail without altering the taste. Its intense and authentic form makes it possible to rediscover the magic of the fruitiness of your cocktail, enhancing its flavours tenfold !

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