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This summer, we're going for colour, right down to our fingertips! To bring magic and optimism to your everyday life, Molitor invites you to discover a selection of jewellery. On the programme: Isabelle Langlois, Roberto Coin and creations from the Maison Molitor.

Shades of sea blue

Roberto Coin Art Deco Lapis Lazuli necklace

Molitor Sapphire earrings

Isabelle Langlois Ocean ring

Warm colours

Molitor yellow diamond necklace

Roberto Coin Princess Flower ring

Isabelle Langlois Confetti Poire earrings

Full of colour

Molitor ring

Isabelle Langlois bracelet Sac de billes

Roberto Coin Art Deco Ring

Molitor invites you to discover all these colourful jewellery pieces in its boutique. See you soon!

Colours are invading our interiors, reflecting the light of the summer sun. Crystal pieces create a unique atmosphere, and while we can't get enough of classic designs, green crystal adds a touch of freshness and balance. Molitor presents the must-have pieces for this summer season.

Vase Daum Palm Beach Golden

Luxury house Daum and artist Emilio Robba have teamed up to create an exquisite decorative piece: the Palm Beach Golden vase. Made from crystal, the vase takes its design cues from green palm leaves, sublimated by touches of gold. An artistic and fascinating creation, ideal for lovers of refined decoration.

Daum sculptures Panther on a tree and Hippopotamus

Daum also offers sumptuous animal sculptures in green pâte de cristal. The panther reclining on its tree adds a wild aspect to your decor and the hippopotamus is an adorable paperweight that will look great on a wooden desk.

Lalique Plumes vase

A pretty bouquet of flowers and a vase are all it takes to enhance a space. With this in mind, we invite you to discover the Plumes vase in green crystal by Lalique. The vase is inspired by the Amazon parrot that lives in the Amazon rainforest. Perfect for creating a tropical atmosphere, the brilliance of the crystal that makes it up invites you to softness and caress.

Discover all our crystal pieces in our Art de la Table shop.

At Molitor, we want to share our love of beautiful things with you. To do this, we offer a collection of Haute Joaillerie, backed by unique expertise. We select stones and metals of exceptional quality. For Molitor, it's important to offer jewellery of remarkable colour, shape and sparkle. Discover the precious stones used to create these marvellous pieces, as well as some of the creations from our workshop.

The precious stones used by Molitor

Molitor selects only the most beautiful and precious gems to create the jewels of your dreams.

The ruby

This deep red gemstone is the perfect embodiment of passion, love and romance.

The emerald

Emerald is particularly appreciated for its green colour, which conveys a wise image.

The sapphire

Often seen as a symbol of innocence, purity, truth and good health, sapphire is said to bring joy and inner peace.

The white diamonds

Without doubt the world's most prized precious stone, the diamond is an elegant gem of unrivalled beauty, symbolising love and purity.

The yellow diamonds

Yellow diamonds add dynamism, optimism and original luxury to our creations.

To find out more about our Haute Joaillerie collection and choose the jewellery that suits you, visit our boutique.

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