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Created in a limited edition of 99 pieces, the Crystal Rock II vase is the result of a prolific collaboration between the abstract expressionist painter JonOne and Maison Daum. Expressive and fiery shades, yellowish orange and pink accents, and green notes make this remarkable work of crystal art a true explosion of colour. With its harmoniously interacting reliefs and nuances, this unique piece explores the limits of visible dimensions to let the imagination run wild in its luminous reflections. Its balanced colour and visual exquisiteness make the Crystal Rock II vase the youngest in a long line of models drawing from the arts and the miniature version of Daum's Crystal Rock collection.

Daum creation by JonOne

JonOne, a self-taught artist initially known for his street art, paints on canvas to perpetuate his imprint. The artist infuses his work with the elements around him: movement, energy, nature. Known for his unique and instantly recognisable style, JonOne’s works are a reflection of the artistic heritage of Maison Daum, one of the world’s first crystal manufacturers to call on artists for its creations. From Art Nouveau to surrealism to street art, the Maison’s pieces are veritable explosions of colour on display at an array of museums. It therefore comes as no surprise that an artist like JonOne, who describes his work as “abstract expressionist graffiti”, should lend himself to this exercise in style to create this vase, which is on a par with the Maison’s partnership with Salvador Dali. His “abstract expressionist graffiti” are abstract works influenced by movement, colour and energy.

A modern take on traditional crystal

Always on the lookout for the latest trends, Daum asserts itself as an avant-garde brand by working with a major artist in the world of street art. The Manufacturer gave the artist carte blanche, providing him with a new medium to express his creativity. Going from street art to tableware may seem like a risky endeavour. Yet the result is a stunning piece of crystal art that is both colourful and unusual. The famous crystal maker and JonOne combined their fascination for colour and relief to create an extraordinary piece with warm and cool tones that plays with the reflections of light.

The epitome of uncompromising performance, Zenith is back on the watchmaking scene with an all-terrain chronograph, the DEFY EXTREME. This exceptional timepiece, which is accurate to 1/100th of a second, is an emblem for those who dare to go beyond their limits. It is functional and undeniably futuristic, reinterpreting Zenith classics through a masculine and modern prism.

Made to discover, to explore, to travel

The cushion-shaped 45 mm case recalls the origins of the range. Sharper lines, more rounded edges, chronograph function, the El Primero 9004 automatic movement, frequency of 5 Hz, 50-hour power reserve… The DEFY EXTREME is a continuation of the DEFY EXTREME line in an ultra-powerful version. Its water resistance has thus increased from 10 ATM (100 metres) to 20 ATM, the push-buttons have been reinforced, and the hands, significantly broadened. It features a chronograph that is accurate to 1/100th of a second, unmatched ruggedness, optimal readability thanks to the markers coated with SuperLuminova, and interchangeable straps. In short, it has all to accompany daring people off the beaten track in their explorations on land and under water.

One watch, three variations

There are three versions to choose from: a micro-blasted titanium case with black dial accents; a polished/brushed titanium case with blue dial accents; and a titanium and rose gold case with rose gold dial accents. A notable aspect of this stunning timepiece is the openwork dial that daringly combines sportiness and watchmaking mechanics. Each model is supplied with three straps -one in titanium, one in rubber and one in Velcro®-, accessories fitted with the intuitive quick-change strap system to ensure that the chronograph looks outstanding in any situation.

Sensuality, femininity, elegance: once again this year, Maison Piaget dazzles us with extraordinary new pieces. Designed for inspiring and active women, these timepieces embellish the muses for whom they were created. With a vintage design taking its cues from the 1970s, the two new pieces from the Limelight Gala collection make tsavorites and sapphires dance around the dial for a bewitching spectacle. Bright, elegant, bold… The Limelight Gala Rainbow and the Limelight Gala Mother-of-Pearl come in limited editions of 300 pieces. A closer look at these unique creations.

An extraordinary design

Powered by a self-winding mechanical movement, the Limelight Gala has been captivating watch lovers for nearly half a century. From the vibrant shades of the Rainbow to the elegant discretion of the Mother-of-Pearl, these two small models will delight amazing women. Their secret? The cut-down setting that magnifies the brilliance of the stones. Obtaining large quantities of stones in gradually increasing shades and sizes is an extremely tedious task in which Piaget excels. The watchmaker draws much of its inspiration from nature: foliage, flowers, bark, leather grains and much more adorn Piaget bracelets and dials.

Goldwork, setting… The look of Piaget timepieces is easily recognisable. Precision, meticulous attention to detail: the Maison’s bracelets and dials unsurprisingly stand out at the forefront of the watchmaking scene.

Featuring exceptional technique and authenticity, the two models offer women a choice between extravagance, boldness and strength, and elegance, refinement and distinction.

Handmade gold bracelets and dials

What makes Piaget unique? It is one of the last watch manufacturers to master the ancestral art of handcrafting gold bracelet. Similar to the making of haute-couture clothing, which is meticulous, delicate and incredibly technical, the making of a gold bracelet by hand is an invaluable heritage of the watchmaking of yesteryear that Piaget has strived to perpetuate. This traditional art from the 1960s has helped to build the reputation of a contemporary watch brand that has managed to revive centuries-old knowhow.

With a handcrafted and hand-engraved dial, each watch is a unique piece. It takes two hours to complete the decoration on the dial, while the engraving on the bracelet requires eight hours of work.

The Limelight Gala Rainbow and the Limelight Gala Mother-of-Pearl bring Piaget boldness to the wrist. Available in two variations, the collection adapts to wearers and can be worn in all kinds of situations. Prefer delicate and discreet? The 26 mm Mother-of-Pearl model with its white alligator strap is the perfect choice. In search of vibrancy and boldness? Go for the 32 mm Rainbow model and its 18-carat rose gold bracelet!

Does the Limelight Gala seduce you ? Visit our website !

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